Common Causes Of Warm Refrigerators

Common Causes Of Warm Refrigerators

Warm refrigerators cause food and drinks inside to spoil easily and quickly which may in turn produce bacteria and odors. This undesirable condition is not ideal for any household as it may cause sickness especially in those with a weak immune system. If you are experiencing such a situation, read our write-up to learn about the possible causes which you can address to fix the problem.

Temperature Setting

Someone may have accidentally bumped the temperature setting of your refrigerator to a warmer mark. This is easy to fix which just needs a reset and your refrigerator will be good to go at a more appropriate temperature.

Circulation Vents

Another common problem is the blocking of the circulation vents. This issue prevents cold air from being circulated and in turn causes warmth to grow rapidly inside. Freshly cooled air often gets generated from behind the freezer compartment which then gets inside through a vent. Check if there is any object hindering this flow to re-circulate back the cool air into the refrigerator compartment.

Empty Spaces

If your refrigerator is lacking of items, the chance is the cool air inside is not being shared evenly. Cold food and drinks retain cold which is then shared amongst other items. If there are empty spaces around, there is not enough retainment of cold which makes your refrigerator ineffective. To tackle this problem, simply place several jugs of water for them to retain and maintain cold.

Dirty Gasket Seal

Older models of refrigerators have old rubber gaskets that may twist, tear, or dry out over time. A gasket full of grime may eventually fail to create a seal which may in turn cause cold air to leak. Address this problem by wiping down the gasket seal and applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly. If the gasket is damaged, simply replace the part.

Dirty Compressor Coils

You can check on your compressor coils by removing the backplate or underplate of your refrigerator. If there are coils which are covered in dirt or dust, wipe them off. Compressor coils contain coolant which is where air passes over for the process of chilling. If dust builds up over the coils, there will not be enough cold air. After cleaning the coils, remember to place the panel back up.

Component Issues

A much deeper problem concerns a malfunctioning component inside your refrigerator. This may require a professional to fix in order to prevent any improper dismantling of your refrigerator parts which can cause bigger issues. There is a high chance that your temperature sensor is not correctly set or even broken, your compressor may not be functioning as it should, your coolant is leaking, or a wire had come loose. If you notice that the earlier problems are not the root of the warmth issue, then it is best to seek the help of an expert with proper training and certification. At the end of the day, warm refrigerators need to be addressed as soon as possible to cut down on energy wastage.